Tappezzeria Motta - Motta Upholstery

Master craftsmen

since 1962

A narrative woven with exceptional furnishing experiences and solutions, where we have consistently placed the customer at the heart of our accomplishments. We provide ideas and proposals that align with the customer's personal taste and budgetary requirements, offering sophisticated and innovative solutions. This is precisely why customers have chosen us for their projects and homes year after year.


Years of experience, and collaboration with the major Italian brands, have refined a proactive capacity that makes the difference.

tappezzeria motta roma

The choices

The search for the best performing materials, and their combinations, create refined and sustainable solutions.

A unique thought

Reliable quality

Massimo Motta

Motta Massimo

"With over 50 years of experience acquired in our workshop, first by Renato, my father, and then since 1984 under my guidance, along with collaborations with renowned Italian architects and interior designers, we have been able to create incredible experiences and achievements that are now visible worldwide. Our works can be admired in Dubai, Paris, London, and New York.
Intellectuals and artists like Zeffirelli and Corrado Cagli have chosen us, as well as companies such as Chopard and Rolex, who make style their very reason for existence."

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